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Family Road Trip Box by Melissa & Doug

by Molly on June 18, 2013

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If your family is like ours, there’s always a point during a road trip when conversation just seems to dry up. Well this little box will make it easy to keep the fun going. The Box Girls Family Road Trip Box, by Melissa and Doug, includes conversation starters, quizzes, classic car games and other car-friendly activities. Actually, you don’t need a road trip to enjoy these. Keep it in the car for the next time you’re stuck in a long drive-thru line!

Oregan Bans Smoking In Cars With Kids

by Molly on June 18, 2013

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Smoking in your car (or anywhere, for that matter) is not healthy. And for children the effects can be even more pronounced than for adults. But what do you think about a new Oregon law that “prohibits drivers from lighting up if a person under 18 is also in the car”? Proponents feel that they are protecting children and opponents feel that our actions inside our own cars shouldn’t be regulated. Do you smoke in your car while the kids are with you? If so, please get the facts about how its compromising their health, then do the right thing.

If you have a teenager nearing their driver’s license, this is for you. Consumer Reports hosted their own Street Survival School at the Auto Test Center in rural Connecticut. The program is a hands-on experience that aims to teach budding drivers what “to do” behind the wheel, not just what “not to do”. In practice, this allows the kids to experience the excitement of driving while learning critical skills first hand. According to Teaching teen drivers at Street Survival school, the result was “students enjoying themselves as they realized that there was much more to being a better, safer, more aware driver than scare-tactic videos and rides on a crash-simulating sled.” The Street Survival School event can be sponsored and hosted anywhere throughout the country.

From Carpool to Carschool

by Molly on June 17, 2013

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Kids are learning all the time, even in the car. So why not take advantage of this and set them up to learn something that matters? During our morning carpool to school this year, we listened to several great books, some of which were tied into what the kids were studying in class. By the end of the year, we were all surprised at how much material we had gotten through … and enjoyed.

Different stages can be accommodated easily with a little planning. Check out 5 Tools to Turn Your Carpool into a Car School for some good suggestions to start.

Free Printable Car Game: Traffic Sign Bingo

by Admin on April 14, 2012

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The newest addition to our collection of printable car games is Traffic Sign Bingo. The great thing about this game is that it works on both short and long trips.

Our version contains 5 different boards so that multiple people can play at the same time. Also, the boards can be rotated periodically to change things up a bit, especially when it seems that one board is more of a winner than the others.

Each sheet shows 25 road signs that are commonly found in towns and on highways.

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