From Carpool to Carschool

by Molly on June 17, 2013

posted in Kids in the Car

Kids are learning all the time, even in the car. So why not take advantage of this and set them up to learn something that matters? During our morning carpool to school this year, we listened to several great books, some of which were tied into what the kids were studying in class. By the end of the year, we were all surprised at how much material we had gotten through … and enjoyed.

Different stages can be accommodated easily with a little planning. Check out 5 Tools to Turn Your Carpool into a Car School for some good suggestions to start.

I’ve never owned a minivan, though it’s definitely up for discussion as our next vehicle. But if you are in car shopping mode, and you’re looking for a different direction, maybe one of the Seven Cars for Moms to Escape the Minivan Rut would work for you. Convenience, safety, power, gas efficiency and lots of space are just some of the selling points of the 2013 cars on the list.

Healthy Snacks For Moms On the Go

by Molly on June 15, 2013

posted in For Mom

For me, being hungry in the car is often the perfect storm that will cause my healthy eating to fall by the wayside. Those drive-thru’s start to look like such a good option. An if I’m willing to actually park and get out of the car? Well, then the sky is the limit! So having healthy snacks at hand is a must, and here are some good options to keep in mind. I’ve never carried edamame as a snack food, so that’s now on my list to try. See ya in my rear view mirror, drive thrus!

Putting makeup on in the car is something most women do at one time or another. Some more often than others. And we all know that it should be done while the vehicle is at a full stop. In reality, though, we commonly see women applying cosmetics while driving. Here’s a quick video about the startling PSA Volkswagen created around this topic.

Do you know the blind zone for your car?

by Molly on June 15, 2013

posted in Stay Safe

Blind zones can be killers. This is the area behind a vehicle that a driver can’t see when backing up. And it’s slightly different depending on the model of car/van/truck that you drive. Tragically at least 50 children each week are backed over because they simply aren’t seen. Study the Consumer Reports Best and Word Rear Blind Zones infographic and table so that you know the zone for your car. And be especially aware of this often overlooked safety hazard.